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If you are looking for good articles on the subject of a small or home business, you might want to visit
The site has lots of concise articles on business ideas in general as well as information specific to certain types of businesses.
On-line marketing and promotion is covered extensively.
One such article that I recently came across and thought might be helpful to readers is called “5 Ways to Advertise Your Website for Free”.
You can read it at
I hope it may be helpful to users and if you have tips of your own, feel free to share.

Great Business Resource if you are starting small – is a fairly accessible website where you will find a myriad of business and related services from only 5 dollars …

Don’t have the know-how or the time to do something related to your on-line business? Simply order from the thousands of gigs available on
You no longer have to only make use of local resources or be hampered by transport difficulties and costs. Help is only a click away.

For more about Fiverr, go to

Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn’s website at is the one site that has been a constant resource and has provided true inspiration to me in my quest to start my own on-line business.
Pat has built a successful on-line business from scratch, helping others do the same, by sharing his failures and successess along the way. His open and honest approach confirms that it is entirely possible to build a successful business and grow it over the long term.
It is no get rich quick story – it is an example of what can be done if you work hard and smart and if you do this consistently …