7-128 Software – Top Web Sites for Accessible Gaming – 2016

The 7-128 Software – Top Web Sites for Accessible Gaming is released yearly with the objectives of:
1 Providing useful information to the accessible gaming community
2 Recognizing contributions to accessible gaming
If you would like to find out more, visit
7-128 Software – Top 25 Sites for Gamers who are Blind – 2016
On this page you will find lots of valuable information and links to all sites mentioned.

7-128 Software – Top Web Sites for Accessible Gaming – 2016

The 7-128 Software – Top Web Sites for Accessible Gaming is released yearly with the objectives of:
1 Providing useful information to the accessible gaming community
2 Recognizing contributions to accessible gaming
If you would like to find out more, visit
7-128 Software – Top 25 Sites for Gamers who are Blind – 2016
On this page you will find lots of valuable information and links to all sites mentioned.

5 of WordPress.com’s Blogging U courses are now available on demand.

The following info was recently shared in a group I am a part of. If you would like to join this e-mail list for blind and disabled bloggers, send a blank e-mail to group-w-bloggers+subscribe@groups.ioEven if you are just thinking of starting a blog, feel free to contact the group owner, John O’Regan, by sending an e-mail to:

Now for the new WordPress blogging courses that are available on demand:
Visit http://wp.me/pf2B5-9ke for full details.
More courses are on the way. All courses are free.
Take as many courses as you like, as often as you like… whenever you like!
All you need is a free WordPress.com account. If you want to create
an account *WITHOUT* a blog, visit https://wordpress.com/start/account/userOtherwise, head on over to https://wordpress.com/start/delta-blog/survey to sign up for both a username *AND* a blog.

Two Facebook Groups for Blind Promoters

~1 If you would like to join a facebook group where you could promote, sell or buy blindness-related products from companies or others, feel free to look it up as: “promote, buy and sell blindness products” or click the link below to join.

2 Another group you could join if you have something to share with the blind/VI community, be it a service, a product, a blog, Youtube channel, a podcast or your own stuff you are selling from home, is called the Blind Promoters group.
Search for the words “blind promoters” or go to the following link:

And of course if you are interested as a user, hope to see you there, and feel free to share too!

What It’s Like For Someone Who’s Blind to ‘See’ by Echolocation

Most of us have heard of or read about echolocation. The article at the link below shares some interesting information on what it is actually like to experience the world using this skill.
According to the article “… Nnew research shows that echolocation can play a similar role as sight in people who are blind. In particular, people who are blind and have been practicing echolocation for a while seem to use regions of the brain normally associated with visual perception when they echolocate, according to Melvyn Goodale, a neuroscientist and director of the Brain and Mind Institute at the University of Western Ontario in Canada.
Using a brain imaging technique called functional magnetic resonance imaging, the researchers found that blind echolocators showed a higher level of activity in the visual cortex compared to sighted people and blind non-echolocators when listening to recordings of clicks made by other echolocators.
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VoiceOverEasy.net – Website With Text-Only Lessons for Using Voice Over With IPhone and IPad

This website was developed in order to provide a detailed, step by step tutorial for blind and visually impaired users of the VoiceOver assistive technology found in iPhones and iPads. This site makes no assumptions that the reader has any previous knowledge of or experience with iPhones or iPads, and no previous experience using VoiceOver is necessary to begin using these lessons.
There are no pictures or diagrams on this site. All lessons have been developed using text only.

VoiceOverEasy.net can be used to learn about iPhones and iPads as well as multiple iOS versions, but it is not necessary to scan through text for devices you don’t have. It is a smart website. Once you tell it what device and iOS version you want to learn about, it simplifies learning by only presenting the specific material you need. You may change the selection as many times as you like while reading each lesson. However, VoiceOverEasy.net recommends that if you wish to learn about both iPhones and iPads, you go all the way through each lesson first in one mode, and then switch to the other.

This site may be helpful to those individuals just starting off with using their IPhones or IPads, but may also be helpful for more experienced users and for individual or group training.

For more information, visit
VoiceOver Easy Home Page

Webvisum CAPTCHA Solver Returns to Firefox

According to a recent post on http://blindbargains.com, James Scholes, the creator of Codex, announced on Twitter the availability of a newly signed version of the Firefox extension called Webvisum. Webvisum has been a service which, among other things, allows for the solving of captchas on forms and in other places on the web. It works with Firefox for Windows only, and has been free ever since its first release.
Unfortunately, as of the end of 2015, the extension no longer functioned in the latest builds of the Firefox browser. Users could continue running the old version of Firefox and use the extension, but would be at risk of losing significant security updates from Mozilla. Mr. Scholes has created a newly signed version, which will now work with the newest releases of Firefox.
For more info on how to download and install Webvisum, you can read the rest of this article at

Please note that you will need an invitation code to register on http://webvisum.com for the captcha solving service to work.
To request an invitation code, go to
Source: http://blindbargains.com

Facebook Group for Teachers, Students and Parents

I am a totally blind teacher of English from Macedonia and have been working in a school for blind children for almost ten years. Even though, my country is not so well-known when it comes to participating in different long-term international projects, events, conferences, trainings and other such activities that would benefit the blind especially blind children, the only way that most blind people and their family and friends could gather such information is from the internet. I realize that the connection gap between teachers and others who work in the blindness field, as well as their parents and university students who study in special education is greater than ever no matter where they live, so I decided to start a Facebook group that would allow members from all of these groups to connect to each other, share information, support and encouragement that would further help their students, future students and their children.

The group can be looked up on facebook as:
University students, teachers and parents of visually impaired children Or click the link below and open the join group button from there.
This is an international group and we would welcome members from anywhere that think the group would be a benefit to them.

For more information, or if you need any help to join or participate in the group, contact Adrijana Prokopenko at adrijana.prokopenko@gmail.com

Adrijana also has some other groups you could enquire about, so feel free to ask her when you contact her.

Twenty Sites Where You Can Listen to Music for Free

The following was recently shared by Dan Thompson in one of his excellent e-mail newsletters.

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“These sites range from better known sites like Spotify, SoundCloud and Last.fm to less well known sites with  music, news, and local or global radio stations just waiting to be discovered. There are site  descriptions for each site, including ads (if any) and geographic availability. One thing I really  like is that mobile apps for iOS and Android have their own links so you can go right to them from  your mobile device.
With a few exceptions, most can be used on both IOS and Android devices.”

The actual article was compiled by Nancy Young on April 2nd, 2016 from Gizmo Daily Tech Tips.

“Listening to music has become an integral part of our lives. We listen to the music during commute, daily runs, when we’re trying to relax, or when we just want to keep up with our idols’ latest tunes. These days we have a multitude of ways to listen to music online, and if you’re looking for something good to listen to your to one of your favorite trending tunes, this is the post you should be reading.
We’ve also included the iOS or Android apps that are made available by these music sites.
Note that while there are premium options, if you opt to stay with the free version, you wil be subjected to ads that help towards keeping the services free.”

To read the original article, go to
Credit: With special thanks and acknowledgement to Dan Thompson