These Gorgeous Designer Gowns Are Made By Blind Dressmakers

As someone who likes to do sewing as a craft myself, I found the article I am sharing today quite interesting and inspirational. My mom loved to sew all kinds of things and my dad taught me how to operate, clean and manage a sewing machine. I have since come across quite a few blind people who do sewing and quilting by hand or machine. We have all shared the adaptations we have made and the alternative techniques we use, but as is evident from this article, being open to an idea in the first place and exploring ways to make that idea happen in practice, is one of the most important ways to help us all reach beyond what is generally expected or thought to be possible.

I hope you will join me in spreading this positive message far and wide.

The full article can be found at heading level 1 at

Braille Resources from Hadley Institute

I recently came across some past seminars of the Hadley Institute for the Blind in the category for braille literacy. As a long time braille reader I am always interested in resources pertaining to braille and related matters. The topics listed at the link below cover a wide range of subjects, all relating to braille literacy, including how to draw using braille, braille in everyday life, how to have fun with braille, and more.
So, feel free to explore this valuable resource and to share with others if you find it helpful or interesting.
Seminars@Hadley – Hadley Institute for the Blind hhjand Visually Impaired