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If you have ever folded a paper plane, or a fortune teller, then you have done some origami. But there is so much more to origami than just these objects. You can fold almost anything from paper - a bookmark, a box, a flower or a swan ... if you have the instructions.
Today, various resources on origami can be found on the Internet and many books have been published on the subject. Most of these, however, present instructions in a visual format, including drawings or diagrams, animations or videos, which are, for the mmost part, difficult to follow for those of us who are blind or visually impaired.
The Accessible Origami Project aims to change this, by providing text-only instructions to fold various objects from paper.
To download the two volumes available so far, go to
for Vol 1 and
for Vol 2.
Paste the above links into your browser if they are not clickable. Alternatively, contact Lindy via e-mail at the address listed above.
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