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As a math major I have figured out numerology fairly well and my charts provide detailed information about the individual's tendencies, relationships with others of romantic nature as well as those established through work environment, learning experiences or other types of cooperation. I charge 20 dollars for the smaller charts and 40 for the bigger. Usually,my clients only order the smaller ones because they provide ample information about themselves and others.

While a numerological chart can be email to you and kept for further reference because it remains valid for quite a while, my rune readings address daily concerns that appear to change based on certain circumstances. Runes are one of the oldest systems of divination from the Norse and they address questions practical as well as more esoteric. If uncertain about your future, conflicted in the choice of partner or place of residence, I can answer 3 to 5 questions for 25-30 dollars depending on the complexity involved.
For the sake of either entertainment or therapeutic relief, I could also interpret your dreams, especially if I can find a common thread running through several of them. 10 dollar per dream.
In order to overcome various issues like stress, insomnia smoking habit or weight problems, I could record myself with custom designed hypnotic suggestions tailored specifically to your needs. 40 per CD
To reiterate, the prices for my various metaphysical services are 20, 25, 10 and 40.
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