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I make gemstone jewelry items starting at 5 dollars and usually no higher than 20 dollars. Often far lower. I can do custom designs, and am happy to search for specific things if people are interested in certain things. I.E bracelet, pendant, ring, Brooch designs with anything from jade to unicorns to wolves or sports teams and anything else you can think of.

I make jewelry for both men and women, and I make all styles and sizes from larger to small and dainty. In bracelets I do stretch designs that easily slip on and off without the help of clasps and I do the same in necklaces. I also do silver links and chains if preferred, usually with lobster claw clasps. If you're interested in knowing what I have currently do write me at and I'm glad to show you or if you have specific wants in mind, do let me know the styles you prefer or anything you're looking for. As I'm wholesale and usually under 20 dollars no I don't set diamond rings in gold. Yes I have actually been asked that before. LOL. I can do something that looks similar to any precious stone, however, and at times I do get in rubies, emeralds and sapphires in their semiprecious form.

If you are interested in the properties of gemstones for the various boosts they can provide, I am always glad to work with that as well. I.E it has been believed for centuries that jade draws luck and rose quartz draws love, ETC. This can e far more complex, but this message is jus
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