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For those people who don't wear a lot of jewelry, but still enjoy some added décor for those every day items that we all must use, I have a little something for everyone. I make cane charms, that can clip onto a belt loop or purse/bag strap to even decorate a backpack so it's great for either gender. Keychains, sunglasses, bookmarks and even bags where I decorate the zippers and straps. All sizes of bags from something tiny for change with a keyring attached that can clip to your belt to something like a cell phone case or I pad case, or something larger like a purse or even a backpack. DI also make ponytail holders and barrettes. These are all made with various shapes sizes and types of gemstones. I am glad to take custom orders and give a price quote. Not only do I just use the stones in their various shapes and sizes but I also incorporate, at times, animals and fantasy creatures such as dragons fairies and unicorns into my items. I can easily design you a fairy bag or a jade barrette with delicate or large beads, whatever you're interested in. If anyone writes with a request, I give an estimation before we even get started to see if that works. Most ponytail holders run 5, most keychains from 5 to 10, most cane charms from 7 to 10, and most barrettes, the large 3 inch type, 15 dollars covered in the gemstones of your choice. If you've not got any ideas yourself, but like barrettes or keychains, ETC, I can definitely tell you the things I have on
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