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You should be able to buy products that not only keep you safe, but that you can also have a brand that looks and feels amazing. That’s the Modere promise. We have the perfect blend of purity and performance. Rest assured that with every Modere product you touch, you are at the intersection of safety and style; it doesn’t get any better. MODERE IS A GLOBAL COMPANY THAT SEEKS TO DELIVER INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS ACROSS ESSENTIAL LIFESTYLE CATEGORIES—PERSONAL CARE, HEALTH & WELLNESS, AND HOUSEHOLD CARE. THEY’RE SAFE FOR YOU AND THEY’RE SAFE FOR YOUR FAMILIES.

Each one of our products is safe, affordable - and best of all, they perform better than those store-bought chemfests. We are a company that stands for honesty, integrity, and transparency. We don’t believe in compromise, so we’ve taken a stance against potentially harmful ingredients: no PEGS, SLS, Phthalates, and no Parabens. Add about 750 more for a total of about 3000 other nasty ingredients we avoid and you’ll understand our fanaticism. Our formulas are pure, reliable and high-performing. It’s in our roots; it’s ingrained in who we are.

Give us a try. We have a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Go to and get $10 OFF your first purchase. No minimum to shop. If your purchase is less
than $10, you only pay tax and shipping.
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