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Founded by certified professionals in the field of blind rehabilitation, Accessibyte offers a simple, yet robust approach to accessible technology. Accessibyte takes care to provide an inclusive software environment without cumbersome menus, complicated keyboard commands or need for outside accessibility software. Best of all, Accessibyte programs are designed with both the teacher and the learner in mind, creating a cohesive learning experience for users who are visually impaired or anyone who requires a clean, distraction-free computing environment.
Products offered include:
- Typio, a fully accessible typing tutor which guides students through the whole keyboard.
- Accessibyte Arcade is a collection of 9 fun, interactive and fully-accessible games.  Each game is designed from the ground up to be visually, audibly and cognitively accessible to a wide spectrum of players.
- Quick Cards is a simple and fully-accessible way for students to study classroom material. Easily create customized flash cards in seconds!
- WordWav, a text to audio converter, allows the user to easily convert text into an audio file, which can then be listened to on many different audio players.
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