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The following products are currently available from our website at

I am a Crayon. What Color am I? by John Batron. In braille and print with tactile pictures, its perfect for young and/or any new braille readers, and can also be a coloring book for all to use!

The Yellow Pumpkin, by John Batron, with braille and print on facing pages so it can be shared no matter how much or how little vision the readers have. It also has some non tactile but explained illustrations

Wee Willie the Wiggleworm, by John Batron is currently just in large print with some delightful illustrations. We are in the process of getting a companion braille copy of this book produced, with tactile illustrations. We also have some finger puppets and other items to go with this book and others!

At this time we plan to produce our books in grade one uncontracted braille so new braille readers can also enjoy them!
We also carry two popular card games: "Quiddler," a fun word game and 'Five Crowns," a rummy-like game, with instructions and cards in braille and print!

We hope to run a sale soon on all our items so we will have some available funds to produce one or two more books, so feel free to check out our website or contact us for more information. Comments and suggestions are always welcome and appreciated!
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