Weaving Positive Threads into the Garments we Wear

Maribel Steel is an Australian writer and motivational speaker who happens to be blind.
In the introduction to her insightful article called “8 Threads to Weave into the Garment of Change”, she writes:

“When I began to lose my eyesight, it was natural to fear losing so many other aspects of my life that I treasured. Becoming an artist and failing to see colour was one of them. But the hardest hurdle to overcome was knowing how to weave positive threads into the xgarment with the label of disabled.”

I found there is a lot I could relate to in this article. I am sharing it in the hope you will find some insight and inspiration from it too.

You can read this and many other thought-provoking and practical articles by visiting
At the Gateway to Blindness: 8 Threads to Weave into the Garment of Change

From here you can also read more about her work for various organizations and find links to her other blogs and sites she writes for.

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