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The following information is from the Seeing With Sound website.

“The vOICe technology was invented and developed by Dr. Peter B.L. Meijer, but nowadays it involves hundreds if not thousands of people around the world in an open ecosystem for distributed research, development and deployment of this technology.”

“We are on a mission to offer sophisticated yet affordable (even free) vision substitution technology for the blind on a global scale. Already today, our distribution capacity easily suffices for providing The vOICe technology to all of the approximately 40 million blind people around the world (WHO 2010). This is possible through the effective use of ubiquitous mass-market optimized hardware, including PCs (about one billion PCs are in use around the world) and mobile phones (about five billion mobile phones, many of these in developing countries where 85% of blind people live), in combination with global distribution and community support through the Internet. The vOICe’s worldwide availability, technical maturity and low cost already vastly outperforms any other vision technology for the blind that is currently on the market or under development. As such it presents a disruptive technology that has the potential to alleviate the huge social and economic burden. In the US alone, the costs associated with adult vision problems are estimated to be well over $50 billion yearly (FFB 2007). Moreover, we cooperate with leading research groups in neuroscience and psychology to build a solid scientific foundation for the application of The vOICe technology and the development of effective training programs. At the same time we work with blind pioneers and volunteers to push the limits of what can be accomplished. As a highly networked global venture we are well on our way to become a leading supplier of sustainable advanced vision technology for the blind and novel human sensing options in general. However, there are still many open questions with respect to the ability of the human brain to accommodate new sensory mappings. We hope that you will join us in our journey to discover and deliver, augmented cognition.”
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For more information visit Seeing With Sound .com
To learn more about training related to the vOICe, go to Training

You also can subscribe to the seeingwithsound user group (mailing list) hosted by FreeLists by sending a blank e-mail with subject line “subscribe” (without the quotes) to

This group mainly targets blind users of The vOICe as well as blind and sighted people having a general interest in The vOICe technology and its possible applications for the blind.

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