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items added

eBook: Coping with Vision Loss (from the perspective of a caregiver)
Coping with Vision Loss (from the perspective of a caregiver) is a rich compilation of technology and insights to help someone who is coping with vision loss or their caregiver. The insights are the byproduct of many years serving as my Mom’s caregiver after she lost her sight. I believe…
Price: $ 7.95

The Neighborhood News Online Monthly Magazine
Hello! My name is Patty L. Fletcher and I am the creator of an online magazine called The Neighborhood News. The mission of The Neighborhood News is to bridge the gaps that separate and cause negativity and strife for us all. Gaps such as disABILITY, both physical and mental, And…

Blind Abilities: Bridging the Gap between the limited expectations and the realities of blind Abilities.
“When we share what we see through each other’s eyes, We can then bridge the Gap between the limited expectations and the realities of Blind Abilities.” The Free Blind Abilities App is the quickest way to reach High School students, College bound Students and those seeking information about Blindness. All…

Facebook Group – Jobs for the Blind
If you are seriously looking for a job or if you know of others that are trying to find one or could help blind people get employment opportunities, feel free to join my Facebook group called “Jobs for the Blind”. You can look it up by that name or copy…

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