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items added

    The el capitan quick start has arrived!
    Since el capitan came out on September 30 2015 I have published, and received positive feedback from, a quick start guide that is easy to follow. Optional audio guides can also be purchased as an extra. Simply choose the option that comes with the audio guides. If you get the…
    Price: $ 10.00

    Very neat Gemstone accessories at wholesale prices
    For those people who don’t wear a lot of jewelry, but still enjoy some added décor for those every day items that we all must use, I have a little something for everyone. I make cane charms, that can clip onto a belt loop or purse/bag strap to even decorate…
    Price: $ 10.00

    Wholesale gemstone jewelry
    I make gemstone jewelry items starting at 5 dollars and usually no higher than 20 dollars. Often far lower. I can do custom designs, and am happy to search for specific things if people are interested in certain things. I.E bracelet, pendant, ring, Brooch designs with anything from jade to…
    Price: $ 15.00

    Different Kinds of Metaphysical Exploration
    As a math major I have figured out numerology fairly well and my charts provide detailed information about the individual’s tendencies, relationships with others of romantic nature as well as those established through work environment, learning experiences or other types of cooperation. I charge 20 dollars for the smaller charts…
    Price: $ 25.00

    Math and Language Tutoring Available
    I have taught myself math from scratch up to mid graduate levels, without being a genius, by understanding my limitations and how to lift them through continuous practice. The learning principle itself is of interest to me and even before acquiring a degree in education I was gathering personal experience…
    Price: $ 7.00

    The Blind Sport Podcast
    “The Blind Sport Podcast”, hosted by Mike Lloyd presents interviews with blind or vision impaired people doing all kinds of sports, including skiing, surfing, archery, rowing, fishing, and a myriad of other sports. You can subscribe, download and listen to The Blind Sport Podcast for free via iTunes or the…

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