Webvisum CAPTCHA Solver Returns to Firefox

According to a recent post on http://blindbargains.com, James Scholes, the creator of Codex, announced on Twitter the availability of a newly signed version of the Firefox extension called Webvisum. Webvisum has been a service which, among other things, allows for the solving of captchas on forms and in other places on the web. It works with Firefox for Windows only, and has been free ever since its first release.
Unfortunately, as of the end of 2015, the extension no longer functioned in the latest builds of the Firefox browser. Users could continue running the old version of Firefox and use the extension, but would be at risk of losing significant security updates from Mozilla. Mr. Scholes has created a newly signed version, which will now work with the newest releases of Firefox.
For more info on how to download and install Webvisum, you can read the rest of this article at

Please note that you will need an invitation code to register on http://webvisum.com for the captcha solving service to work.
To request an invitation code, go to
Source: http://blindbargains.com

TED Talk by Danit Peleg – Forget Shopping, Soon You’ll Download Your New Clothes

The TED talk featured in this post mentions another of the innovative uses found for 3D printers. For those with mobility challenges or those of us who like or prefer to shop online, printable clothes might be something available to us in the not so distant future …

Downloadable, printable clothing may be coming to a closet near you. What started as designer Danit Peleg’s fashion school project turned into a collection of 3D-printed designs that have the strength and flexibility for everyday wear. “Fashion is a very physical thing,” she says. “I wonder what our world will look like when our clothes will be digital.”

Badeyes Launches Second Online Book in Its “WordPress for Badeyes” Series! – Learn how to build a WordPress website using your screen reader

Geof Colis from Badeyes Design & Consulting has just launched his new book in his popular Badeyes series. If you are interested in creating your own blog, membership website, forum or on-line store, Geof will guide you step-by-step along the way. He explains on his site at http://www.wpforbadeyes.com:

“If you’ve never heard of WordPress then I can tell you it is one of the most popular Content Management Systems(CMS) on the planet!
You can literally have a site up and running in minutes and have no development skills whatsoever.
WordPress has an easy to understand and Accessible backend, I started using it back in 2007 and have never looked back.
I’ve created over 50 sites over the years and have roughly 13 live ones, have 2 Themes,1 approved the other in waiting and I did this all while using a screen reader.
As daunting as it may seem I’ll show you how to do it in easy to understand language then you to can start up your own personal Blog or Business site, just check out the “Success Stories”page for those who read the first Book and did just that.”

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