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Patty L. Fletcher is the author of “Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life”, in which she recounts her journey from being a long-time cane user to acquiring her first guide dog.

She is also the creator of The Neighborhood News, a digital publication with lots of info and entertaining content.
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Blind Man Sets Out Alone In Googles Driverless Car

I thought I would share this very interesting article from The Washington Post with you all. I’d say this is moving forward in a very real way …
I also found some of the comments below the article quite interesting.
Hope you will enjoy reading and feel free to spread the info …
Blind man sets out alone in Google’s driverless car – The Washington Post – Website With Text-Only Lessons for Using Voice Over With IPhone and IPad

This website was developed in order to provide a detailed, step by step tutorial for blind and visually impaired users of the VoiceOver assistive technology found in iPhones and iPads. This site makes no assumptions that the reader has any previous knowledge of or experience with iPhones or iPads, and no previous experience using VoiceOver is necessary to begin using these lessons.
There are no pictures or diagrams on this site. All lessons have been developed using text only. can be used to learn about iPhones and iPads as well as multiple iOS versions, but it is not necessary to scan through text for devices you don’t have. It is a smart website. Once you tell it what device and iOS version you want to learn about, it simplifies learning by only presenting the specific material you need. You may change the selection as many times as you like while reading each lesson. However, recommends that if you wish to learn about both iPhones and iPads, you go all the way through each lesson first in one mode, and then switch to the other.

This site may be helpful to those individuals just starting off with using their IPhones or IPads, but may also be helpful for more experienced users and for individual or group training.

For more information, visit
VoiceOver Easy Home Page

Summary of Items Added Through 24 April 2016

For the convenience of users who have not visited our site recently, please find below a text summary of the latest ad additions to
For further information, please go to our latest listings.
On that page you will be able to find and move through the ads by using h4 and to enter on each ad to find contact details and links to more information.
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items added

Resources for Blind and VI Job Seekers
Perkins School provides “Resources for blind and visually impaired Job Seekers at

First Ever Circle of the Blind Mice Viewer Appreciation Contest!
In celebration of reaching & surpassing my first 50 subscribers, I am holding the first ever Circle of the Blind Mice Subscriber Appreciation Contest, sponsored by visor! If you’d like a chance to win a free iTunes app store code to download the Visor Magnifier app, which normally retails…

Free Ebooks on Beginner Arts and Crafts from Interweave Press
Interweave Press is offering free eBooks on all kinds of beginning arts and crafts taken from Interweave’s various publications:

The Blind Panels podcast by Comics Empower
Comics Empower, the comic book store for the blind offers readers the Blind Panels podcast. The latest episode has just been released. Since interactive fiction (i.e. text adventure games) have become accessible for the blind, I felt it was a good chance to interview Interactive Fiction maven Andrew Plotkin, a.k.a.…

Circle of the Blind Mice: Low on Vision, High on Tech!
Circle of the Blind Mice is a blog & YouTube channel dedicated to talking tech, life & occasionally other products from a low vision perspective. From high tech to low tech, everyday tech & simple tech tips, my mission is to help you learn, use & embrace technology, and for…

Unlimited Access to Mists of Audazzle
Audazzle have been making a game and platform “JumpInSauceRS” and “Mists of Audazzle”. We offer it free to anyone who doesn’t want to pay or can’t afford to pay yet. The game is accessible for blind and VI. Its available on PC, MAC, iPhone, iOS devices, Android phones and devices.…

Now Free-of-charge – Verbal View Tutorials
APH produced a number of comprehensive software tutorials under the Verbal View name, which have now all been discontinued. Four of these tutorials covered the Microsoft Office® suite of products, and while they focused on Office 2007, the information is for the most part still accurate. There is certainly no…

Developers Wanted
Jim Kitchen made many free games available to the blind. He passed on last August, but his family is maintaining the site, and is open to offers from developers who might be willing to port the games to iOS and other platforms. Jim’s sister’s email address is on the site…

Customized poetry
I write highly-customized rhyming poetry on a variety of topics, suitable for all kinds of occasions and recipients. I deliver unique content in a timely manner and it always adheres to the specifications determined by the customer as strictly as possible.
Price: $ 10.00

The Blind Community Short Story Contest
The Blind Community short story contest is now underway. Send your stories to We are excited seeing the stories that have been submitted so far, and can’t wait to see more. So join the fun, and you might be the one who wins the contest.

Penpal Program for Blind and Visually Impaired Children,
For more information, visit

Questionnaire On Issues Faced By People With Disabilities When Using Search Engines
For more information, visit the survey page at:

New Facebook Group for Students, Teachers and Parents of the Visually Impaired
Adrijana Prokopenko recently created a facebook group for teachers and parents of blind children and for university students who are studying to become teachers to the blind, as well as professors, psychologists, counselors, doctors, volunteers or anyone else who is connected to them in some way. They should feel free…

New mouse pointers with many new styles and colours Available from 22 Point
Quentin Christensen  of 22 Point  fame has announced the availability of  a very large update to the mouse pointers with many new styles and colours. Each pack now includes FOUR schemes, essentially two colours, each with both black and white border.  This ensures the pointers will work in your chosen…

The Blind Community Locking Arms Together To Create A Better Future For Tomorrow
Come over and join us as a member and take advantage of all the great features, and plans we have. All of us here have lots of fun, and enjoy so much here. So come sign up as a member and check us out. We also have the blind community…

Facebook Groups for Blind Penpals and Singles
If you would like to join Facebook groups to meet new people and to share info of interest to blind and VI users, please search on Facebook for the groups below and enter on the “join” button to become a part of these groups: “blind penpals” and “group for visually…

Helpful Apps for blind and VI users – TapTapSee – Blind & Visually Impaired Camera – now free for unlimited use
Name: TapTapSee – Blind & Visually Impaired Camera Platform: IOS TapTapSee is designed to help the blind and visually impaired identify objects they encounter in their daily lives. Simply double tap the screen to take a photo of anything, at any angle, and hear the app speak the identification back…
02/22/2016 – one of the best resource sites for parents of blind/VI children, a project funded by Perkins School for the Blind, is dedicated to helping parents of young children with visual impairments as well as children with multiple disabilities. Here you’ll find a database of articles written by parents who want to share with others what they’ve learned about playing with…

Facebook Group for Teachers, Students and Parents

I am a totally blind teacher of English from Macedonia and have been working in a school for blind children for almost ten years. Even though, my country is not so well-known when it comes to participating in different long-term international projects, events, conferences, trainings and other such activities that would benefit the blind especially blind children, the only way that most blind people and their family and friends could gather such information is from the internet. I realize that the connection gap between teachers and others who work in the blindness field, as well as their parents and university students who study in special education is greater than ever no matter where they live, so I decided to start a Facebook group that would allow members from all of these groups to connect to each other, share information, support and encouragement that would further help their students, future students and their children.

The group can be looked up on facebook as:
University students, teachers and parents of visually impaired children Or click the link below and open the join group button from there.
This is an international group and we would welcome members from anywhere that think the group would be a benefit to them.

For more information, or if you need any help to join or participate in the group, contact Adrijana Prokopenko at

Adrijana also has some other groups you could enquire about, so feel free to ask her when you contact her.

Books and Authors – Campbell’s Rambles – How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life by Patty Fletcher

This is the story of how the author obtained her first guide dog from The Seeing Eye™ in Morristown, New Jersey: what motivated her, the extensive training she had, the special relationship she developed with her trainer, and the good friends she made. Once she returned home to Tennessee, there were many new challenges to be met and overcome, including domestic abuse. All that was in addition to her chronic conditions of bipolar disorder and fibromyalgia. With honesty, courage, and humor, Patty Fletcher tells a remarkable story of personal development that is sure to inform, entertain, and inspire others, both blind and sighted.

On her blog at Campbell’s World Patty explains: “I wrote this book to tell the story of how going to The Seeing Eye™ and getting Campbell, learning to love, handle, and work him, then coming home and adding him to my life, gave me true freedom.
I tell of how changing from being a 31-year cane user to being a guide dog handler taught me things about myself I had never known before. I tell of the wonderment I experienced when I finally took that chance.
A major goal of mine is to help others who find themselves in domestic violence situations. I also want to help others learn more about mental illnesses and how different situations and environments can drastically affect those with such challenges.
I also tell how training affected me physically as a result of the fibromyalgia I deal with, along with the side effects of the medications I take.
I focus on bipolar disorder, on how it can go horribly wrong and cause a person to behave in ways they normally would not. Then I show how hurtful it can be when a person is completely rejected, made to feel as if they have been tossed out with the trash, when they become sick as a result of mental illness.
Another thing I have attempted to show is how, in certain institutional settings, attachments can develop—and how those attachments can become unhealthy for all concerned if they are not handled correctly …”

Campbell’s Rambles is available from major bookstores, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, etc.

It can also be downloaded in various formats at

Income opertunity for people with disabilities

Income opertunity for people with disabilities

I recently received this information via LinkedIn. I followed the easy process to register. I did receive an e-mail confirming my registration, informing me that I would be contacted if any testing opportunities should become available.

So, good luck and please share with others you think might benefit.
Original post follows:

“Income opertunity for people with disabilities
byRakesh Paladugula on February 25, 2016
Dear Readers,
AccessworksExternal Website is a portal that connects businesses who need usability testing of their digital assets to users with disabilities. AccessworksExternal Website is a joint project between Australian Loop11External Website and US based non-profit KnowbilityExternal Website. Due to the demand in usability testing with users with disabilities on their experience doing standard web-based tasks like shopping, registering for government services, booking travel etc. Accessworks is looking for interested people with disabilities through-out the globe. This is a paid task and can be done from any place in the world.
All that you need is a qualified disability, interest to do web based tasks and ofcourse a paypalExternal Website account to get the amount credited to your account. (Note: A paypalExternal Website account can be created for free.). An amount up to 50 USD will be paid for one usability test.
Friends you also need a promo code to register for the program. I have the promo code for you all with the help of Katie Haritos-Shea one of the board members of Knobility. The promo code is “Katie”.
Register yourself for the accessworksExternal Website project today.
For any questions you have feel free to reach-out to John Sweet ( Thank you Katie for sharing the promo code.
Maxability want to share the information for it’s interest in spreading awareness on web accessibility and to make web a better place for everyone. This article is purely information, no endorsement implied.”
Source Page:

David Goldfield’s Home on the Web

David Goldfield's site at has a wealth of information that may be of interest to those making use of assistive technology.

For a list of Free Computer Help and Support Resources for the Visually Impaired:
David's resource page

You can also find out more about the Philadelphia Computer Users’ Group for the Blind and Visually Impaired at Philadelphia Computer Users’ Group for the Blind and Visually Impaired

David also offers assistive technology training and support services. He explains more at
his training and support page

Bizviznet Interview Series – Interview 1 with Michael Babcock

The Bizviznet interview series is meant to focus on people that are making a positive difference in the lives of those around them and the blind community in general and to serve as inspiration to those wanting to do the same.

If you provide services or products aimed at blind and vision impaired people and would like to fill in our interview questionnaire, please e-mail for more info.

And now, on to our first interview:

Name: Michael Babcock

Where are you from:
Oregon, USA. I am the oldest of 6 and the only blind person in my family. I have been completely blind since birth

Could you tell us more about your business?
I assist blind entrepreneurs with establishing and building their brand online, and expanding that brand to live streaming and other social media.

What would be the most important challenges you have faced in your business or career? Overcoming accessibility issues when it comes to some of the platforms I use.

What helped you the most when times were tough?
Working with someone who can help me overcome these technological challenges.

Name some adaptive devices, programs or equipment you would not want to be without?
My Macbook and my iPhone …

Do you have tips or suggestions for others who would like to pursue their own professional careers or run their own businesses?
Do something, and stop worrying about what others will think of what you do.
If you’re passionate about it, then other people who are passionate about the same thing will connect with you naturally.
Consistent, creative, consumable content will help you stand out from what everyone else is doing.
Don’t forget to add a call to action in your content as well.

Which social media channels do you use most often?
Blab, Twitter, Periscope, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Youtube

What would be your favorite author, color and food?
Too many favorite authors to list here … anything that’s positive and educational to help me advance my life so that I can help others.
Favorite color would be blue, and favorite food, something spicy.

Name of your business: Your Own Pay
Phone: 541-379-0891


Twitter, Blab and Periscope: @payown

Services or Products offered:
Digital marketing education, consulting and strategy implementation.

Codex – Free E-book Conversion Tool

Codex is a free, donation-ware e-book conversion tool. With Codex, you can take the books you’ve legally purchased from sites like Amazon, Smashwords, and popular eBook stores using Adobe Digital Editions or Barnes & Noble via NookStudy and convert them to a format of your choice, be it ePub for reading on the latest devices, plain text to read in Notepad, or any of the other supported output formats.
To download and for more info, go to