TED Talk by Elise Roy – When we design for disability, we all benefit

I found the talk mentioned below very interesting. We often forget that, as disabled people, we might have experiences that may be different from the norm.
Our experiences could sometimes be negative, but this speaker sheds some light on how disability could help to benefit those around us.

Here is the description from the TED page:

“I believe that losing my hearing was one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received,” says Elise Roy. As a disability rights lawyer and design thinker, she knows that being Deaf gives her a unique way of experiencing and reframing the world — a perspective that could solve some of our largest problems. As she says: “When we design for disability first, you often stumble upon solutions that are better than those when we design for the norm.”

‘I felt as if I had become fear itself’: life after a stroke at 34

When film-maker Lotje Sodderland had a severe stroke, she lost the ability to speak, read, write or think coherently. Could she learn to live – and love – with a broken brain?

My Beautiful Broken Brain is Lotje’s documentary about her recovery, made with director Sophie Robinson.

You can
‘I felt as if I had become fear itself’: life after a stroke at 34 | Society | The Guardian