Tech Treasures – Setting a Shortcut in Windows

This is a tip to help you create a shortcut in Windows, for opening any program that is not on the desktop or pinned to the start area.

Here is what you do.
First, press the Windows key to open the start area.
Up arrow once and press enter on all apps.
Arrow to the program that you want to set the shortcut for.
If it says “collapsed”, press enter to open it.
Now, arrow down to the program and press the applications key.
Next, arrow down to open file location and press enter.
Press the applications key once more.
Up arrow once and enter on properties.
Then tab to the shortcut field and put in a letter. The alt and ctrl keys are automatically added to the shortcut.
Lastly, tab to okay and press enter.
Now, you can open that program with alt plus ctrl plus the letter you have chosen, without that program being pinned anywhere.

Credit: With special thanks and acknowledgement to David Moore