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Description: “Circle of the Blind Mice is a blog and YouTube channel dedicated to talking tech, life and occasionally other products from a low vision perspective. From high tech to low tech, everyday tech and simple tech tips, my mission is to help you learn, use and embrace technology, and for us all to learn from each other.

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Not One, But Two Free Newsletters

A while back someone forwarded me a newsletter. As often happens, I started to read out of curiosity, with no real expectations. However, it wasn’t long before I found I was looking forward to the arrival of Dan’s Tips in my inbox.
I contacted Dan to find out more.

It turns out Dan puts out not one, but two newsletters.

The first is called “Hotspot with God”. Dan explains how this newsletter got started.

“The Hotspot with God Devotion kame to me in 2011 when I was asked to do a sermon at our church. Several of my students were all about finding “hotspots” for their various wifi access devices.
My sermon was entitled “Wired”, because the IPhone 6 was coming out around that time.
I believe it was a God Wink, which planted this thought.
“One hotspot sure to never gro weak is from God to us.”
Mankind needs to be more willing to accept that signal more permanently.

The devotion draws from a wide range of authors and my own contributions made via God winks now and then.”

Dan’s tips started around 2005 as part of another newsletter called “Mamas Corner” put out by Mama Peach. When this newsletter stopped publication around 2008, Dan decided to start publishing Dan’s Tips.
Tips are posted Monday through Friday covering a very wide variety of topics such as assistive and/or general technology, home maintenance, gardening, etc.

Individuals wishing to Subscribe can send a blank email to
In the subject line, please include the words “subscribe Dan’s Tips” or “subscribe Hotspot with God”.