VIP Blog Log – Campbell’s World

Bllogger: Patty L Fletcher
Blog Address: Campbells World | My Seeing Eye Dog 
Campbell’s World is the blog and virtual home of Patty L Fletcher. She is an author, motivational speaker and nonprofit consultant from Kingsport, Tenn.
You will find not only her blog, but relevant information about her book, her other endeavours and publications, including the Neighborhood News, a free newsletter that she started in April 2015.
The on-line publication features news, encouragement, ads, and short literary submissions.
To find out how to subscribe and to read previous issues, go to Newsletters | Campbells World
You are also welcome to join one or more of her groups on Facebook. There is Campbell’s Corner: The Comfort Zone, a support group for people looking for a place to chat, vent if need be or share successes. Bob Cat and Friends, is a group devoted to cat lovers, but where anyone is purrfectly accepted.
Campbell’s Rambles is a page devoted to letting folks know of advertisements such as new book releases, events for various organizations, and nonprofits.
Type in the relevant words on Facebook to search for the abovementioned groups, or follow Patty on Twitter: @Bubblee04