The Neighborhood News – Double Decker Version Now Available

Patty L. Fletcher is the author of “Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life”, in which she recounts her journey from being a long-time cane user to acquiring her first guide dog.

She is also the creator of The Neighborhood News, a digital publication with lots of info and entertaining content.
If you have not downloaded the latest January/February double decker version of this popular publication, feel free to go to
The Neighborhood News | Campbells World
If you have a small business, work from home, or have something you would like to advertise, be sure to find out how you can be a part of this publication.
My best wishes to Patty for continued success with her writing and the wonderful work she is doing. – Website With Text-Only Lessons for Using Voice Over With IPhone and IPad

This website was developed in order to provide a detailed, step by step tutorial for blind and visually impaired users of the VoiceOver assistive technology found in iPhones and iPads. This site makes no assumptions that the reader has any previous knowledge of or experience with iPhones or iPads, and no previous experience using VoiceOver is necessary to begin using these lessons.
There are no pictures or diagrams on this site. All lessons have been developed using text only. can be used to learn about iPhones and iPads as well as multiple iOS versions, but it is not necessary to scan through text for devices you don’t have. It is a smart website. Once you tell it what device and iOS version you want to learn about, it simplifies learning by only presenting the specific material you need. You may change the selection as many times as you like while reading each lesson. However, recommends that if you wish to learn about both iPhones and iPads, you go all the way through each lesson first in one mode, and then switch to the other.

This site may be helpful to those individuals just starting off with using their IPhones or IPads, but may also be helpful for more experienced users and for individual or group training.

For more information, visit
VoiceOver Easy Home Page

Summary of Items Added Through 24 April 2016

For the convenience of users who have not visited our site recently, please find below a text summary of the latest ad additions to
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On that page you will be able to find and move through the ads by using h4 and to enter on each ad to find contact details and links to more information.
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items added

Resources for Blind and VI Job Seekers
Perkins School provides “Resources for blind and visually impaired Job Seekers at

First Ever Circle of the Blind Mice Viewer Appreciation Contest!
In celebration of reaching & surpassing my first 50 subscribers, I am holding the first ever Circle of the Blind Mice Subscriber Appreciation Contest, sponsored by visor! If you’d like a chance to win a free iTunes app store code to download the Visor Magnifier app, which normally retails…

Free Ebooks on Beginner Arts and Crafts from Interweave Press
Interweave Press is offering free eBooks on all kinds of beginning arts and crafts taken from Interweave’s various publications:

The Blind Panels podcast by Comics Empower
Comics Empower, the comic book store for the blind offers readers the Blind Panels podcast. The latest episode has just been released. Since interactive fiction (i.e. text adventure games) have become accessible for the blind, I felt it was a good chance to interview Interactive Fiction maven Andrew Plotkin, a.k.a.…

Circle of the Blind Mice: Low on Vision, High on Tech!
Circle of the Blind Mice is a blog & YouTube channel dedicated to talking tech, life & occasionally other products from a low vision perspective. From high tech to low tech, everyday tech & simple tech tips, my mission is to help you learn, use & embrace technology, and for…

Unlimited Access to Mists of Audazzle
Audazzle have been making a game and platform “JumpInSauceRS” and “Mists of Audazzle”. We offer it free to anyone who doesn’t want to pay or can’t afford to pay yet. The game is accessible for blind and VI. Its available on PC, MAC, iPhone, iOS devices, Android phones and devices.…

Now Free-of-charge – Verbal View Tutorials
APH produced a number of comprehensive software tutorials under the Verbal View name, which have now all been discontinued. Four of these tutorials covered the Microsoft Office® suite of products, and while they focused on Office 2007, the information is for the most part still accurate. There is certainly no…

Developers Wanted
Jim Kitchen made many free games available to the blind. He passed on last August, but his family is maintaining the site, and is open to offers from developers who might be willing to port the games to iOS and other platforms. Jim’s sister’s email address is on the site…

Customized poetry
I write highly-customized rhyming poetry on a variety of topics, suitable for all kinds of occasions and recipients. I deliver unique content in a timely manner and it always adheres to the specifications determined by the customer as strictly as possible.
Price: $ 10.00

The Blind Community Short Story Contest
The Blind Community short story contest is now underway. Send your stories to We are excited seeing the stories that have been submitted so far, and can’t wait to see more. So join the fun, and you might be the one who wins the contest.

Penpal Program for Blind and Visually Impaired Children,
For more information, visit

Questionnaire On Issues Faced By People With Disabilities When Using Search Engines
For more information, visit the survey page at:

New Facebook Group for Students, Teachers and Parents of the Visually Impaired
Adrijana Prokopenko recently created a facebook group for teachers and parents of blind children and for university students who are studying to become teachers to the blind, as well as professors, psychologists, counselors, doctors, volunteers or anyone else who is connected to them in some way. They should feel free…

New mouse pointers with many new styles and colours Available from 22 Point
Quentin Christensen  of 22 Point  fame has announced the availability of  a very large update to the mouse pointers with many new styles and colours. Each pack now includes FOUR schemes, essentially two colours, each with both black and white border.  This ensures the pointers will work in your chosen…

The Blind Community Locking Arms Together To Create A Better Future For Tomorrow
Come over and join us as a member and take advantage of all the great features, and plans we have. All of us here have lots of fun, and enjoy so much here. So come sign up as a member and check us out. We also have the blind community…

Facebook Groups for Blind Penpals and Singles
If you would like to join Facebook groups to meet new people and to share info of interest to blind and VI users, please search on Facebook for the groups below and enter on the “join” button to become a part of these groups: “blind penpals” and “group for visually…

Helpful Apps for blind and VI users – TapTapSee – Blind & Visually Impaired Camera – now free for unlimited use
Name: TapTapSee – Blind & Visually Impaired Camera Platform: IOS TapTapSee is designed to help the blind and visually impaired identify objects they encounter in their daily lives. Simply double tap the screen to take a photo of anything, at any angle, and hear the app speak the identification back…
02/22/2016 – one of the best resource sites for parents of blind/VI children, a project funded by Perkins School for the Blind, is dedicated to helping parents of young children with visual impairments as well as children with multiple disabilities. Here you’ll find a database of articles written by parents who want to share with others what they’ve learned about playing with…

Webvisum CAPTCHA Solver Returns to Firefox

According to a recent post on, James Scholes, the creator of Codex, announced on Twitter the availability of a newly signed version of the Firefox extension called Webvisum. Webvisum has been a service which, among other things, allows for the solving of captchas on forms and in other places on the web. It works with Firefox for Windows only, and has been free ever since its first release.
Unfortunately, as of the end of 2015, the extension no longer functioned in the latest builds of the Firefox browser. Users could continue running the old version of Firefox and use the extension, but would be at risk of losing significant security updates from Mozilla. Mr. Scholes has created a newly signed version, which will now work with the newest releases of Firefox.
For more info on how to download and install Webvisum, you can read the rest of this article at

Please note that you will need an invitation code to register on for the captcha solving service to work.
To request an invitation code, go to

VIP Blog Log – Circle of the Blind Mice: Low on Vision, High on Tech!

Blogger: Tammy G.
Blog & YouTube Channel Address:
Description: “Circle of the Blind Mice is a blog and YouTube channel dedicated to talking tech, life and occasionally other products from a low vision perspective. From high tech to low tech, everyday tech and simple tech tips, my mission is to help you learn, use and embrace technology, and for us all to learn from each other.

If you have a quality low vision tech product or app you’d like featured on my blog or channel, please contact me via the social media links in my blog.”
Follow on Twitter: @B1indMice

If you are a blind or vision impaired blogger or if you are blogging about issues of interest to this community, feel free to send a message to for possible inclusion under the VIP Blog Log category.

David Goldfield’s Home on the Web

David Goldfield's site at has a wealth of information that may be of interest to those making use of assistive technology.

For a list of Free Computer Help and Support Resources for the Visually Impaired:
David's resource page

You can also find out more about the Philadelphia Computer Users’ Group for the Blind and Visually Impaired at Philadelphia Computer Users’ Group for the Blind and Visually Impaired

David also offers assistive technology training and support services. He explains more at
his training and support page

The next frontier in Formula racing: Driverless cars

If, like me, you are finding the developments around driverless or self-driving cars fairly interesting, a recent article by Brian Fung caught my eye, or is that my ear …

Here is what he writes:
“Imagine taking Google’s driverless car, mashing it up with Tesla’s zero-to-60-in-three-seconds “ludicrous mode,” and then pushing it to speeds of over 100 mph. Now imagine nearly two dozen of these souped-up robotic cars all speeding around on the same closed track and trying to outdo one another — without a human behind the wheel.
That’s basically what we’ll get next year in the Roborace, a high-speed stress test for 10 teams of driverless car designers who will compete as a part of Formula E, the global auto racing series that uses only electric cars.

Roborace is being billed as the world’s first race involving all-electric, driverless vehicles. With automation becoming increasingly common in consumer cars that move at much slower speeds, Roborace has the promise to showcase vehicle technology that’s even more nimble, more reliable and more capable than what’s on the market today. Just like real drivers, the cars will have to be programmed to pass each other, pull tight turns, make decisions about when and how to accelerate and, above all, avoid crashes at deadly speeds. (Of course, there won’t be any drivers in the cars to get hurt if there is a collision.)

“Roborace is an open challenge to the most innovative scientific and technology-focused companies in the world,” Alejandro Agag, chief executive of Formula E, said in a release. “It is very exciting to create a platform for them to showcase what they are capable of.”
You can read more at the original source:

About NVDA Add-Ons

NVDA is a very flexible and extensible screen reader. NVDA add-ons are additional packages that can be downloaded and installed into your copy of NVDA to enhance existing functionality or add additional features. On these pages, you will find add-ons that have been created and publicly reviewed by members of the community.

Please note that many of these add-ons are not provided by NV Access, so NV Access cannot be held responsible for these add-ons,

To install an add-on, go to the NVDA tools menu, then select manage add-ons. Then select install, navigate to the location where you saved the downloaded add-on and choose the add-on package you wish to install. Alternatively, since version 2012.3, using file manager of your choice, navigate to the location where you stored the add-on, then press ENTER on the nvda-addon file you wish to install. Once you press Open or press ENTER on the add-on file, NVDA will ask if you really wish to install the add-on.

As the functionality of add-ons is unrestricted inside NVDA, which in theory could include accessing your personal data or even the entire system if NVDA is an installed copy, it is very important to only install add-ons from sources you trust.
Once the add-on is installed, NVDA must be restarted for the add-on to start running.

For more information and to download add-ons for NVDA, visit

These are by no means the only add-ons available for NVDA, but There were more than twenty listed on this page the last time I visited, so feel free to check them out.

Not One, But Two Free Newsletters

A while back someone forwarded me a newsletter. As often happens, I started to read out of curiosity, with no real expectations. However, it wasn’t long before I found I was looking forward to the arrival of Dan’s Tips in my inbox.
I contacted Dan to find out more.

It turns out Dan puts out not one, but two newsletters.

The first is called “Hotspot with God”. Dan explains how this newsletter got started.

“The Hotspot with God Devotion kame to me in 2011 when I was asked to do a sermon at our church. Several of my students were all about finding “hotspots” for their various wifi access devices.
My sermon was entitled “Wired”, because the IPhone 6 was coming out around that time.
I believe it was a God Wink, which planted this thought.
“One hotspot sure to never gro weak is from God to us.”
Mankind needs to be more willing to accept that signal more permanently.

The devotion draws from a wide range of authors and my own contributions made via God winks now and then.”

Dan’s tips started around 2005 as part of another newsletter called “Mamas Corner” put out by Mama Peach. When this newsletter stopped publication around 2008, Dan decided to start publishing Dan’s Tips.
Tips are posted Monday through Friday covering a very wide variety of topics such as assistive and/or general technology, home maintenance, gardening, etc.

Individuals wishing to Subscribe can send a blank email to
In the subject line, please include the words “subscribe Dan’s Tips” or “subscribe Hotspot with God”.